Errata for the First Edition
(March 2007)

The First Edition of our book appeared in March 2007. In a book of over 650 pages, produced under time pressure, some errata are perhaps unavoidable, but we and our readers found rather a lot - none truly fatal, many minor, and several rather irritating. These are reported and corrected on First Edition Errata.

You have a First Edition of the book if the MK logo on the cover is on the left.

Errata for the First Revised Edition
(March 2009)

In March 2009, a revised printing of the First Edition appeared. The publisher allowed us to fix almost all the errors, certainly all major errata. However, there were some non-erroneous additions that would have involved too much additional text and have led to impermissible page roll-overs. These are reported on Errata First Revised Edition, together with any errata that may have been found after publication.

You have a first revised edition of the book if the MK logo on the cover is on the right.

Errata contributors

We are very grateful to all who reported these errors, big and small! In order of number of first reported and acknowledged errors, they are: