Interactive Book Figures

Most of the figures in the book were generated by GAViewer, a tutorial program for geometric algebra. They are shots of 2-D or 3-D interactive scenes, and you can increase your understanding of geometric algebra by playing around with them.

For this you need to perform the following installation steps, once:

To view figures, you should: Not all the figures in the book were generated by GAViewer, so you may get a warning. In most of the GAViewer figures, some form of interaction is possible. At the very least, you can view a 3D figure from different viewpoints (use the left and/or middle mouse button), but in almost all you can also modify the independent elements through dragging them with 'ctrl-right-mouse-button' on their label or their geometrical representation.

GAViewer as a Tool

Having GAViewer installed allows you to do more, transcending the book figures:

If you are interested in such advanced usage, you should download the GAViewer documentation from the GAViewer download page. Some older GAViewer tutorials and presentations are made available at the GAViewer website.