Reference Implementation

The "reference implementation" is a Java (and C#) implementation of the algorithms discussed in Chapters 18 through 21 of the book. It contains an implementation of:

The reference implementation was intended for educational purposes: the code was kept as simple as possible, and not designed with efficiency in mind. Hence the reference implementation is not suitable for compute-intensive applications; instead you can use the GA Sandbox or Gaigen 2 as a starting point for compute-intensive applications. To download the source code of the reference implementation, click on the following link:

C# version

The C# version of the reference implementation is included in Gaigen 2.5. Downloaded it at SourceForge. The source is in g25-2.5.X.tar.gz, directory RefGA.

Online Viewing of (Java) Source Code

You can also browse the code online, through the links below:

Basis Blades